I'm not that into you

"pulled you out of a jam, I guess, might've used a little too much force"  Bob Dylan

impenetrable demeanor
didn't dissuade me

affection follows logically from certain
behaviors, reproduced:  reliable

triggers yield results

"I need your help" is code

come with me
fellow, traveler,

let us traverse.

Lean into me?

Supports give

I am not the boss of you
you, not my superior,


but wait, I forgot to vote

I wanted to hold your hand at your end,
I wanted you to cradle me in your arms at mine

we acted too quickly,
as though

fools, Russians,
reach for revolutions

we engage
all the issues,
talked & talked

the impact wasn't in whole, nor in part

entangled, we
did triumph over the other

but we isn't an equation
or, you didn't allow
and I didn't permit

My dancefloor, your stage:
dance, perform... I'm involved,
you're obsessed.

Our society, its' means
(cruel, unforgiving)
whose salary yields
retirement, retreat?


I pick and choose at Pic 'n Save
my flaws are entrees to ?
joy or misery, yes, and
I'm not that into you.



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