Pool Rules

what were you thinking?
I was raised this way

it seems appropriate, fitting
peace at all costs:  well, it is not the status quo

I love you like an unfinished project is loved,
perfectible in heaven

where will we be, someday?
being being the obvious, impossible choice, never mere

we shall not go on and to no place
to walk along water, climb rocks, booted, prepared,
seeing vistas, yes, we call them that,
enhanced by effort

H'wood premieres with protesters, maybe misinformed, maybe just pushing an agenda
at all costs,

oh, love, what do you require?

don't run in the place of danger and repose

banter & surrender to beauties of plants and animals
and "no" complete in a peculiar "yes" --

what are clouds, but vapors riding vapors
seeded with cannon to make rain

end of "not intervening"


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