I'm sure superheroes were blogging during the AWP conference in Vancouver -- Janet Holmes, Eileen Tabios, Shanna Compton, Joshua Corey -- didn't see Joshua, but talked about HOW AMAZING HIS BOOK FORTHCOMING ON SPINELESS FICTION IS -- it did seem "upper case" -- with Christian Bok, who'd chosen it for their prize -- and tried to go to his panel, but it was SRO.

no that's not a single room occupancy sro, but a standing room only sro

other panels I went to were Sena's Canadian poetry anthology (persea books-- buy it if you don't know the super canadians-- dunno if Adenna or bill bisset, Erin Moure or Lisa Robertson are in it, but Daphne Marlatt, Ann Simpson (I am not at all sure if she is an ANNE like me or an ANN like Lauterbach)

Oh, at the KSW reading, I was able to corner Daphne Marlatt and force a Da3 into her hands -- she was less than thrilled to be reading the sexy, "depressing" poem she read, but it was great --

why didn't Coach House bring more books to the conference???? they had NOTHING like their complete list, although I did get a couple of books, BUT STILL, I was looking forward to returning to earth with certain specific books I've only printed out online and tipped for -- oh, a million times --

Got to meet Fred Wah, and *was very impressed* both my friend and fellow panelist Therese Bachand (the forthcoming luce e cavallo from Green Integer) were impressed with KSW but also the entire collective really.

They were quite puxxled << ok it is time to admit that I keep typing "x" for "z"Z and the qwerty is killing me in this damp

that I loved the work of all these Canadian poets, not realizing that the Sena Q. anthology reading had -- oh -- only two or three poets that I'd heard of on it??? even tho I am blurbed by a Canadian poet (on Da3) and so can be expected to have made some sort of serious foray into "CP"? That really I knew about only three or four Canadian presses before I visited? That I only got "off campus" of the conference for food and poetry and *shopping*?

got some great soaps as gifts from lush -- Therese has super cool daughters and so knows about all the great products and clothes -- I was REALLY UNDERWHELMED BY THE HUDSON BAY CO -- and a point blanket for only 300 dollars or it is made in the US? What up with that? why couldn't we pay in Beaver pelts for them? Aiyyyy. Like anyone would want to trade a beaver pelt for a stupid blanket riddled with TB in 2005.


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