Went to Kootenay School of Writing reading last night -- Leslie Scalapino, Peter Gizzi, Leonard Schwartz, and Peter O'Leary. I hope the alternate AWP that Ugly Duckling and futurepoem went to was as good! The crowd at KSW consequently seemed older, missing the young alt press crowd. 'Course it was the end of a long Duncan Symposium day. I only have one poem mentioning Theosophy thus far I think.

KSW what a great place.

Late for the Scalapino, but the work -- about the war -- was very visual, heard from the hallway. Peter Gizzi was great as per usual, I had had to leave the Boston Review reading early, after hearing only Cole Swensen, Cal Bedient, Brenda Shaughnessy, and Bin Ramke, for the Tupelo Press reception.

Yes, LOCKET came out THURSDAY afternoon, I got the rip open the box from Fed Ex at the booth. All 40 copies quickly mailed to the conference were sold! We could have easily sold 20 more. Which is a lot.

Anyway, Leonard Schwartz has a series of sonnets with words from the Arabic, and many of these are names of fabrics (some of which I've used in little poems of my own m-- the words, not Schwartz' sonnets).

Peter O'Leary's poems were interesting for me because they were very masculine but he had a lot of catholicism in them.

I met Lissa Wolsak -- a big hug -- she comes to LA a lot but doesn't really drive a great deal, but maybe we can line up a reading next time she comes through.

Christian Bok was fun -- I'd kept missing him when in


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