Melissa Hotchkiss, Storm Damage
David Hernandez, A House Waiting for Music
Julianne Buchsbaum, Slowly, Slowly, Horses
Lilah Hegnauer, Dark Under Kiganda Stars
Annie Finch, Calendars
Mary A, Koncel, YOu Can Tell the Horse Anything
Margaret Szumowski, I Want This World
Charles O. HArtman, Island
Liz Waldner, Saving the Appearances
Barbara Tran, In The Mynah Bird's Own Words

We went to Columbia together as well, in fact poet Moira Egan, who I remet after many years, was in the same miserable Deborah Digges workshop, I think (as was Caroline Crumpacker -- to mention another fine poet still writing who suffered through that particular workshop

Aimee Nezhukumatathil, Miracle Fruit

Aimee is planning her May wedding

Amy England, The Flute Ship Castricum
Tina Barr, Gathering the Eye
Jennifer Michael Hecht, The Next Ancient World
Adrian Evans, The Brass Girl Brouhaha
Kate Gale, MAting Season
David Mutschlencner, Esse
Noelle Kocot, The Raving Fortune
KAthleen Wakefield, Notations on the Visible World
Michele Wolf, Conversations During Sleep
Van K. Brock, Unspeakable Strangers
Christopher Bakken, After Greece

good to see Christopher; we took Michael Riffaterre's Critical Theory class together -- he and his wife have appointments at Allegheny State

Rhonda J. Nelson, Musical Chair
Tsering Wangmo Dhompa, In The Absent Everyday
Silvia Curbelo, The Secret History of Water
Sharon Dolin, Realm of the Possible

was great to meet Sharon -- we were introduced by our mutual friend Jeanne Beaumont who was kind enough to tell me about her first wedding -- we laughed -- how could it not have been a mistake marriage when Cat Stevens was the processional?

A documentary DVD called Why Shakespeare includes the inevitable William Shatner reading!

Sandy McIntosh, The After-Death History of my Mother
Laura Kasischke, Gardening in the Dark
KAren Whalley, The Rented Violin
Anna Rabinowitz, Darkling
Ilya Kaminsky, Dancing in Odessa
Eunoia, Christian Bok
Eileen Tabios, The Estrus Gaze(s)
Eileen Tabios, I Take Thee, English, for My Beloved
Cole Swensen, Oh
Jill Hartman, A Painted Elephant
Deborah Landau, orchidelierium
Deborah and I met at Beyond Baroque before Deborah moved back to New York to run the summer program at The New School and also teach,

I was miserably looking for some sort of contact with poets, as was she at that time.

No Boundaries, Prose POems, Ray Gonzalez, ed.


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