Can't help but correct {lime tree}. Or revise? We have pink lemonade trees. Really. The juice is pink.

Wednesday, March 23

Met my co-reader Catherine Daly for breakfast in the breakfast room at the Inn on Ferry Street, where we were both staying. Barry met us and took us to WSU for our 11am colloquium on poetry and digital media, where we were joined by Carla Harryman, grad students Kristine Danielson, Sarah Ruddy, and Austin St. Peter, and philosophy prof Herb Granger. Catherine gave me a copy of Da Da Da, her book from Salt Press, and Barry gave me his new Green Integer reissue of Progress/Under Erasure. After that, Barry drove me and Catherine around Detroit for awhile to see the sights: a giant cow head on top of a defunct diner, the view of Canada from Belle Isle, and Tyree Guyton's spectacular Heidelberg Project--a city block or so of dilapidated houses and vacant lots strewn with colorful but messed-up stuffed animals, boats, TV sets, and other forms of junk transmuted into art. It was all the more striking being partly covered in the snow that had been blowing around town all day. Back to WSU for the reading at 3; then drinks at a nearby bar with Catherine, Barry, Carla, Kristine, Sarah, and Ted Pearson; then dinner at Atlas--again--with Barry, Carla, and Catherine.

> We met and essentially filled out a ?nairre from a marketing group. But since each of us'd been in town for a few hours, we had no idea how to answer many questions. I have a copy of the questionairre, which I requested, somewhere. The marketing gal said she'd surely be at lunch at the art museum cafe. Which she was!!! We saw her there later in the day. We went for lunch and the Diego Rivera murals. Not Rock Cen, but better floor tile.

Also, this may have contributed to my devotion to the excellent food at the Vancouver Art Gallery caf.

Therese left her hat at "Baccus" a truly great restaurant where I had wild boar sausage; I'm sorry about the hat and will try to call.


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