Katha Pollitt post on WOMPO:

> >I would like to know where they come into
> > reproductive sexuality themselves. At this point, many women on this
> >list have shared very intimate details of their lives but we don't
> >know anything about you men. So please feel free to answer these
> > questions: Have you had a vasectomy? If not, why not? gotten a woman
> >pregnant accidentally? Persuaded a woman to let you put it in just
> >for a minute and then you'd take it right out? Have you always asked
> >your sexual partners what method of birth control they use, and what
> >its failure rate is, and have you ever not had sex because of the
> >answer? Can you name three common reasons why the Pill might fail
> >even if a woman takes it every day? Have you used condoms every
> >time, even if the woman is using bc? have you done any research into
> >which brands are most effective and do you know how effective that
> >is? Do you know how many pregnancies you have occasioned, and how do
> >you know you are correct? have you ever had sex while drunk or high?
> >with a woman who was drunk or high? Had sex with a prostitute? With
> >someone you never saw again? How much of your income/time goes
> >toward children -- your own, those of hardup relatives and friends,
> >the needy? Have you ever offered a pregnant woman whatever it would
> >take to make the difference between abortion and childbirth--a home,
> >money, childcare etc? would you marry a woman you got pregnant if
> >you didn't want to? What would you forgo that was important to you
> >to ensure the birth of your nonmarital child and its wellbeing
> >until adulthood? If you are living with a woman, who is the primary
> >caregiver of your children? If you answer that you yourself are,
> >would your partner agree? If you had a brief affair and the woman
> >got pregnant, what percentage of your income/time/ emotional
> >commitment would you feel you owed that child? As much as you owe
> >your marital children? if less, why? How much extra work would you
> >take on to provide for this child? What would you sacrifice--money,
> >opportunity, education,pleasure, leisure, sleep,sex, health,
> >happiness,future children ? Would it matter if you didn't like the
> >child's mother? If so, why? If you are divorced with children, how
> >much money/time do you spend on those children and their mother?
> >
> >
> > Every single women's list I've ever been on lets men on
> > eventually and some of the men are great, but there are always a
> > few who start throwing their weight around and pontificating and
> > setting the women straight. And the funny thing is, the more
> > hostile and sexist a man is on a women's list, the more attention he
> > gets.
> >
> > Katha


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