Los Angeles, CA's Writers & Teachers Series are back after their April hiatus. First up, TONIGHT, Tuesday, May 18, 2004, is Todd Baron (new book TV EYE, Chax Press, 2004) reading with four former students from the Crossroads School:

Amanda Moret
William Greene
Anna Ayeroff
Maxim Ludwig

as usual, this fine event is at


at Barnes & Noble Westwood, and there are FREE BROWNIES (& free parking).

10850 West Pico Blvd.
West Los Angeles, CA 90064
(corner of Westwood & Pico in the Westside Pavilion Mall)

This event, marking the last day of school for the three seniors who read (but alas, not for the Sophomore), was a smashingly successful revision in format, where after Todd Baron read a bit about teaching from bell hooks, together with the students seated around a table with shared mikes, took turns reading two or three pieces and then reading a piece by the next reader. A most pleasant reading; really good writing.


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