Some Words for the [to remain nameless] Institute

Today's Catherine Daly version of Marianne Moore's correspondance with Ford Motor Company, in which Moore did not name the Edsel.

i don't remember getting [your previous e-mail] at all -- so I am just trying to think really fast --

guide, wired, and vision are the three words that sort of pop out from your current materials, and the "three cs" logo seems like a sales brochure

independent together? guidance, independent vision

the _____ Institute
Nurturing Artists, Enriching the World

I don't love that either, but other options aren’t better --

The _____ Institute
Guidance for the Independent Visionary
Guiding the ...

The _____ Institute
Walking a New Path
A New Path

Together, about the World

I LOVE the old Duchamp quote on the 2002 catalog, "It’s the viewers which make the pictures"

The _____ Institute
Making the Pictures Making the World

Guide wires?

the words would be better if they weren't such junk words

Dare. Challenge. Create. Transform

Transform is the only good word there.

Envision. Produce. Transform. Sustain.


how about little oppositions,

Challenge :: Guide
Transform :: Sustain
Envision :: Touch

so what about if you just had a string of quotes, sorta like google results or from bartletts, from a keyword? with the keyword (ex., vision) bold -- they can be quotes from people who'll be at the institute or famous filmmakers

or what about several definitions (from peeps at the inst or famous filmmakers or whatever) of a word that's not said, like for vision,

seeing with one's own eyes (brakhage)


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