As a readings coordinator and a reviewer, I receive press kits, albeit mostly from local performance poets or from small presses publishing religious fiction.

However, as a person continually looking for readings, I am also asked for books, which cost me abt $10 each, quite a hefty fee for something apparently expected to be send to everyone, and press kits, which I am attempting to gradually improve, in order to be booked for a reading, festival / book fair appearance, etc.

Thus far, my press kit consists of:

a printout of an author photo (not an actual headshot) with the flip side printed with the parts of my cv / resume about me-as-an-author,

a color printout (not an actual offprint) of my book jacket with the flipside printed with the parts of my cv / resume about the book,

a floppy (sticker of book front cover as label) containing the .pdf of the book,

sometimes some sample postcards and other handouts from readings (lists of songs, artists, or etc. I've got in my book),

sometimes CDs,

a cover letter.

1) what else should be in or out?

2) is there a better way to go about this?

3) any readings coordinators, book festival bookers, reviewers, out there want one?


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