I appreciate your approach here, and am happy with your decision.

So thank you.

At 10:50 AM -0800 11/25/03, Catherine Daly wrote:

>Hm. Very interesting. It IS nonfiction.
>Did you know that the founder of Elam's root beer stand in Decatur, IL,
>called in the note on the mortgage of the root beer stand (then
>operated by my parents best friends) and attempted to sue me for libel
>when my poem (my first nationally-published & I-got-paid poem) about
>being a car hop there was published?
>You can change it to Crimp or Cramp or something (Mrs. Violet Crimp?
>Mrs. Violent Cramp?); frankly, [the model of the story] was the butt of the majority
>of jokes at St. Patrick's Grade School in Decatur, IL, and widely known
>for her eccentric attire, figure, and behaviour. Boody, IL, is the
>punch line of most jokes about central Illinois, naturally.
>I know this sounds insincere, too! I really hate most everyone I know
>from central Illinois. I try to be a nice person, but at the same time I don't care
> [about the feelings of the friends & family of the model for the story]
>Do what you think is best;
>I should have changed the name -- but I think you understand -- this
>name is magic.
>-----Original Message-----

>O, I must have had an old address. I wrote about that story because we
>had a complaint from ___'s granddaughter. Little did I know that
>the story was non-fiction. Even though that's what we say we like and
>expect. Anyway, with the name, I suspected that the piece was
>made up, and ran it because it was funny. The woman who wrote me
>worried that her own daughter might find the piece through a Google
>search and be startled/offended/mortified to learn that her grandmother
>smelled of chicken shit, &c.
>Is it possible, for the benefit of the young impressionable, yet
>Internet Savvy great-grandaughter that you could change the name,
>to something equally funny?
>I realize this sounds an awful lot like censorship, or something
>equally bad, and I would understand you reluctance to changing
>anything. But, well, I am only trying to accommodate.


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