Phone Interview

Expected Question:

Ongoing involvement with the public / literary life of the students?

I've run events since I was a freshman in college and suddenly ended up in charge of all Student Activities in time to raise $30K for the spring weekend concerts.

I run a few interesting series in LA -- but I know you've already got some interesting series on campus and in Baton Rouge.

I also know you send your MFAs to literary festivals in NO.

A grad and undergrad creative writing conference -- with some lit (most grad lit conferences have only a nod to creative writing) -- might be very cool.

I conpect to continue my involvement online -- but obviously know about [university press with huge reputation] and the journals --

an online center for contemporary regional writing -- modeled on the epc -- could be a fantastic resource and opportunity -- it is more like the New Zealand writing archive in my vision -- and give creative writing students a place for their ezines, chaps, research into [regional] poets (that they already do) --

a big, bad, contentious listserv would be great, too!


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