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american government; Iraq and the "oil money that'll finance the invasion"

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Aaron McCollough has thrown an east coast / west coast challenge for favorite album

now, my husband is a former guitar hero, and while he gave up practicing his fingering for more lucrative work as a screenwriter (new pitch to Kiss star who's now a producer! unrelated to guitar heroism), he buys all our cds

I was a dj, but gave all of that up -- have written some of the seque, set & show - structuring up for an old essay -- I think it is no longer online -- anyways

my turntable (b&o beocenter 2000) needs a fuse, Ron's has a tired belt, I believe

I am working on a set of rondeaux (homage to laura moriarty) using circle jerks lyrics

(oh -- I was first a hardcore dj, then, after learning to do three hours of 30-second songs, avant rock-jazz, pre-tech noise, industrial, acid house-type -- mixing -- this was a long time ago)

new reading series at the smell is bands and poetry and plays and fiction and media and film -- but I'm doing the poetry and media part --

so, nine favorite LPs and one EP

-- Gun Club, Fire of Love (terrible crush on Jeffrey Lee Pierce)
-- Velvet Underground, Loaded (first LP I purchased)
-- Butthole Surfers, Live PCP Pep EP (includes version of Winchester Cathedral)
-- let's call it an imaginery KTEL album with ALL THE SONGS OF MY CHILDHOOD on it (it is actually about ten or more ktel albums I have): "Kung Fu Fighting," "The Night Chicago Died," "Billy Don't be a Hero," "Seasons in the Sun"
-- Big Star #1 Record (ok, ok, I now have all their albums on one CD in my car)
-- the Nina Hagen album with Superboy on it
-- Love (are reunited & touring now! no I'm not going to see them)
-- MC5, Television, Patti Smith ... take CBGB in about 1979 -- that.
-- Seeds? I dunno -- fill in 12-15 essential psychedelic garage bands here -- the ones with a rough edge
-- Magma

hmmm -- that was top o'my head -- some incomplete info

The song list -- songs I quote in my book DaDaDa are songs that were going through my head -- unfortunately, this was eighth grade and high school -- I'm about 15 years behind my subject matter, so just entering college NOW:

dadada -- trio
d'yer maker -- led zeppelin
moon river -- andy williams
let me call you sweetheart
chantilly lace
oh when the saints come marching in (first song I learned to play on the piano)
spinning wheel -- blod, sweat, & tears
san jose -- dionne warwick (mom LOVED dionne)
my little red book -- love
sweet home alabama -- lynryd skynyrd (friends will wonder -- where's freebird? indeed -- & where is the iron butterfly at all? vanilla fudge? hmmm)
three little fishies
down by the water -- pj harvey
night and day -- cole porter -- love cole porter lyrics -- several songs from the songbooks are here
here you come again -- dolly parton
kitty wells
stand by your man -- tammy wynette
ring of fire -- johnny cash, june carter
once over twice -- x
brass in pocket -- pretenders
arabian knights -- siouxie
begin the beguine
blues in the night -- artie shaw
birds & the bees
i shll be released
these boots -- nancy sinatra
my sherona --the knack
love is a battlefield -- pat benetar
groove is in the heart (ok, I was in college, but I like dee-lite, saw them at wigstock -- the good thompkins square park wigstock, many times)
cat scratch fever -- gotta have a crush on ted nugent -- I remember seeing the dead kennedys and biafra had scratches on his chest just like ted during the cat scratch fever tour --
several songs by peter frampton -- what a little bald guy now
auld lang syne


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