Found another public domain anthology in the LAPL: American Lyrics, co edited by U. of Chicago Chaucerian Edith Rickerts and Jessie Paton.


Sonnets from the series relating to Edgar Allen Poe by Sarah Helen Whitman, or Sarah Helen Power Whitman, a transcendentalist poet briefly engaged to Poe (it would have been her second marriage). She published while married to her first husband under the name Helen.

She write a great deal about Poe before and after his death, as well as to Poe. He wrote two poems called "To Helen":

A link to one of her poems

Elizabeth Clementine Kinney

began writing before she was married; second marriage to a newspaper publisher & minister, in Italy, became a friend of the Brownings

Harriet Beecher Stowe

Amelia B. Welby

She began in 1837 to contribute poems to the Louisville "Journal," under the name of "Amelia," by which she gained some reputation. They were highly praised by George D. Prentice, Rufus W. Griswold, Edgar A Poe, and other critics.

this poem:

The lyrics to the Battle Hymn of the Republic by Julia Ward Howe

[there are strikingly many song lyrics in this collection and in many pre-modern poetry anthologies!]

Alice Cary, a poem about a spinster, "The Blackbird"
her sister Pheobe Cary, "Happy Women"

books online (published both women):;idno=AEJ0267.0001.001;idno=AAM7168.0001.001

"Their work attracted the favorable notice of Edgar Allan Poe..." PAL

Anne Whitney, three poems, including the rather long lyric, "Hymn to the Sea" "Night's violet star / Shone red..." -- more well known for her sculpted busts of "famous people"

Julia Caroline (Ripley) Dorr, "To A Late-Comer"

Emily Dickinson
Helen Hunt Jackson

Mary Ashley Townsend, "Embryo" (poem as one)

Harriet McEwen Kimball, wrote hymns

reminds me I have that Hymnal project

Louise Chandler Moulton "If There were Dreams to Sell" odd wish
yet another publisher wife

Celia Thaxter "the most widely published" poetess

Mary Lydia Bolles Branch, an editor
"The Petrified Fern"

"In a valley, centuries ago...


Monster fishes swam..."

Emma Lazarus
Ina Coolbrith

Edith M. Thomas "The Grasshopper" "The Vesper Sparrow"

Ella Wheller Wilcox

Alice Brown, better known as a travel and short story writer

Sarah Pratt McLean Green "Da Sheepfol'" in, uh, dialect

a lesson to chnge names in nonfiction again -- should it be done?

Katharine Lee Bates, wrote america the neatuiful, this is an occasional thanksgiving poem

Helen Gray Cone, represented by a poem wishing puritan girls would ignore advice to consider vanity

Louise Imogen Guiney

Sophie Jewett, she published initially under the pen name Ellen Burroughs
wrote religious stories for children:

Anne Reeve Aldrich, wrote religious poetry -- a scattering of poems online; apparently SONGS ABOUT LIVE, LOVE AND DEATH isn't online yet.

Lizette Woodworth Reese

Marion Pelton Guild
another Eliz. B Browning fan

Florence Wilkinson, "As a Little Child" "The Supreme Forgiveness" apparently not the ones online yet

Helen Hay Whitney --poet, apparently the foundation started by her granddaughter -- several poems from her book HERBS AND APPLES

Josephine Preston Peabody Marks
"she read and wrote constantly"

the one act based on Shakespeare's sonnets sounds interesting

she is represented here y several poems, including the long poems "The Singing Man: An Ode of the Portion of Labor"

Martha Gilbert Dickinson-Bianchi

_Books by Martha Gilbert Dickinson Bianchi_






A MODERN PROMETHEUS: A Novel of Italy. With a frontispiece << a rewrite of Frankenstein???

RUSSIAN LYRICS (translations)

Abbie Farwell Brown
twi children's books:

see also Alice Brown in same Crnell periodical index:

Anna Hempstead Branch

I chose a fun "space poems" link, doesn't have "Song of the Wandering Dust" on it though
"Bosomed with the ribboned kelp! Hist!" (why not "Help!"?)

Bertha Frances Gordon
can't find anything w/ a cursory search; a suicide meditation that ends with a suicide!


Before I leap and lose myself below,
give me one monent's look beyond the brink.

Theodosia Garrison "The Green Inn"
wrote several books in the public domain now, not one online!

Margaret Fuller

The introduction to this book is fantastic; maybe I'll scan it. Someday...


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