My nickname is Kasia, but once people learn that, they tend to get confused that I go by Catherine. Yet if they don't know that, then they tend to call me C instead of K. When I was in high school, my nickname was Katie. When I was born, the song "Come Down from the Mountain Katie Daly" was the top of the Irish hit parade. It is a song about an old bootlegger woman by the Halifax Three. But my Polish great grandmother said, "Katie sounds like a barmaid."


I changed the end -- a bit confusing, by grandmother and her sisters were comptometrixes but I guess there are web sites that call the machines contometers. So I changed that to comptometers.


so now I have two poems with "comptometer" in

and I work for GE! temporarily -- most of our relatives (Ron's and mine) worked for Western Electric at one time -- taken over by General Electric


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