we accepted the idea of $10K and electric, sump pump, one carpentry and one plumbing repair, which we will re-inspect & will see


I think some of the new poems I'm starting are for book 3 of the big project. Inanna poem called Anne (my middle name). Hadaly poem.

Since courtly love / the troubairitz is very well-traveled territory, Waldman, Pound, et.al., I'm looking for an out, p'haps thru sound. The Tibullus poem still hasn't gelled either, so will go there.

Now I concede that the breakneck career of Surrealism over rooftops, lightning conductors, gutters, verandas, weathercocks, stucco work-all ornaments are grist to the cat burglar's mill-may have taken it also into the humid backroom of spiritualism

Dea to be neo-surrealist; sh'd probably properly be book 2
Addendum to be neo-abstract expressionist

"If one tendency within Surrealism's 'merveilleux sexuel' aspires to the ideals of courtly love, the other descends into the noxious basements and torture chambers of the Marquis de Sade."Robert ShortDADA & SURREALISM


begins with the I - idea is how everything is filtered through idea of self --


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