Salt Publishing incorporates and appoints a new director

Independent literary publisher Salt Publishing has become an incorporated company and appointed a new director, Linda Bennett, to take charge of business development. Salt, founded as a partnership in 2002 by Chris Hamilton-Emery, poet and former Director of Production at CUP and his wife Jen, and supported by internationally-renowned poet John Kinsella, has a growing reputation for innovative publishing in biography, international poetry and literary criticism.

Linda Bennett, formerly an academic and director of several library supply and retail companies, founded Gold Leaf four years ago to provide business development consultancy and market research to the book industry. She will work part-time for Salt.

Chris Hamilton-Emery says: “Becoming a limited company gives us more flexibility as well as more credibility, now that we are growing so rapidly. Linda became interested in us originally because of the innovative production methods that we use; she quickly saw the potential of the list, and is helping Salt both to consolidate its customer base and to expand into new markets.”


Editors’ notes:
1. About Salt Publishing: From its offices in Cambridge, Salt publishes over 40 books a year, covering poetry, drama, fiction, biography, literary criticism and scholarly works by authors from the US, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the Caribbean and mainland Europe. 2. Further Details are Available from: Jen Hamilton-Emery, Salt Publishing: 01223 882220, fax 01223 882260, email
Salt is leading the way in the application of modern production methods to reach a world-wide audience.”


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