For Voting (Conforming Work):

glazing side window with opaque glass
glazing closet window with opaque glass

For Consultation (Conforming Work):

window / glazing

in back bathroom, replacement of aluminum jalousie window with clear / nonstandard glass with wood-framed, openable window with opaque glass


replacement of new lighting fixtures on front porch with vintage Tudor-style fixtures glazed with translucent glass

replacement of newer motion-sensitive lighting fixtures at driveway with vintage Tudor-style lighting fixtures flanking solarium french doors [replacement of existing wiring / conduit with less obtrusive conduit]

installation of vintage Tudor-style lighting fixture on garage exterior

replacement of restored original lighting fixture to back balcony; duplication of this fixture for back door and future use


sra said…
I thought this post was a beautiful poem, or like a beautiful poem. I didn't understand the difference between Voting and Consulting in this instance; is that an opaque poetic detail or an opaque house-detailing issue (or both?)
harvey said…
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Anonymous said…
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