Annie Finch responded to my wompo post -- something I should post here --

she is arguing that sound in poetry, whether derived from etymological word play and/or "ear" is the ghost of meter

[I don't agree -- I don't think that you can argue that any rhythmic language is metrical -- seems to be putting the cart before the horse]

talked to Shanna Compton and others in the GAMERS anthology (which Kasey Mohammed bought) about the IRC chat game of Sarah's New Media Studies friend. everyone pretty much agrees with me on the lameness of this game, and the ubiquity of men gender switching to female in chat games. there's an essay in the anthology about one man's experience gaming with a female username, playing male and female characters.

1:30 - 2:45 April 1

Fairmont Hotel
Discovery Floor
(elevator only)

Lights, Camera, Popcorn: Writers and
Film. (John Yau, Therese Bachand, Susan Wheeler,
Catherine Daly) Interest in film, television, and
performance is enhanced by the accessibility of these media.
Film schools and students abound, many in departments associated
with English and creative writing departments.
Can methods used to create film be useful in the
process of writing poetry, fiction, and creative
nonfiction? How does this process of viewing and
imagining ourselves translate from leisure activity
to creative one? How does film writing and editing
translate into literature, and vice versa?

Daphne Gottlieb, Diane Ward, and John Yau will be unable to attend the panel; I was
the moderator and helped design the panel, now I get to talk as well!


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