I've often wondered what the brokerage accounts of different "senior poets" -- you know, Ron Silliman, Kit Robinson -- look like.

Ron may not get to have one as a Granger employee, so he may have all the best t-bill funds or something.

I know when Bankers Trust asked me to take a giant pay cut, etc. to become an employee to get a second masters (just before I became a Hollywood wife & never got that MBA or PhD Econ) I know the kicker -- what let me dissolve the bad-for-me deal -- was having to rid myself of my brokerage accounts

admittedly not rich ones, but points of pride

I still get lucky beating my finance-major husband out of various fund picking

but rolling to a hands off management today, and it is such ... an amount I wish I'd been able to save *every year* ....


Ron said…
It's Gartner, not Granger, but you're right -- I can't own stocks in the companies I followed (I donated my IBM stock to a drop-in center in the Tenderloin, literally). So I'm strictly a mutual fund guy these days.

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