1 Night left- The Jeff At The House benefit show!

Thursday, June 23rd 8PM!

At: The Complex

6476 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood, CA
Featuring Jeff Favre & special guests Check out jath.com!

Tickets only $10
Reserve now! at (213) 487-2123 or e-mail missbreech@aol.com or jeff@jath.com

Sketch performers will be:
Rachel Parker
Missy Gibson
Emily Duval
& Jeff Favre
+ after show mini-concert by Missy with Ed Wells, and perhaps NELLIE BLY
+ to

You should come! Because the JATH shows are ALWAYS Great! Don't miss this
Night of comedy, music, drama, video, spoken word, and delicious homemade baked

Um... here's the deal. We think you should come to the JATH show, however we
also REALLY want you to come to Missy's ?STANDARDS..." extravaganza on
Tuesday, June 28th! In fact, if you bring your JATH program we'll give you $3 off! If
that's not incentive, I don't know what is!

Here are the details for that show . . .


1 Night Only! Never before performed in LA!

Tuesday, June 28th 8:00 PM

At: The Steve Allen Theater

4775 Hollywood Blvd., Los Feliz, CA


Featuring Missy Gibson & jazz pianist extraordinaire Ed Wells (all the way
from Detroit) + Special Guests!

Tickets Only $15

Reserve tickets now!-call (213)694-2590 or e-mail missbreech@aol.com

"Standards, Classics And Songs From Days Gone By" is a journey through an
artist's inspiration, littered with tales of childhood mischief, nostalgia and
love gone awry. A sordid blend of honest, twisted storytelling and toe tapping
tunes from the past - including some Nat King Cole, Patsy Cline and Motown!

Lastly, a couple of years ago these 2 fellas approached BREECH to be part of
their online music documentary endeavor. They followed us around & took lots
of footage. They were pretty swell and it was fun! Go to their website and you
can see Breech in action, and vote for us ... or something of the sort.

This is what they're touting:
In order to find the best unsigned bands in the country you must help! Send
every person you know this message, and send every band you know as well; If
you do, this summer, you will help redefine the method through which breakout
musical genius makes it into the eyes and ears of mainstream entertainment. Go
to the following website and you will understand exactly what I'm talking

Thank you!

Be well.


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