interesting threads on the FENCE / Suicide girls cover on WOMPO jiving (ok, it is "jibing" but...) with the "nudelipo" noulipo conference in LA

both convos have trended toward a discussion of 70s feminist performance art, which also featured female nudity

coming of age slightly later, but familiar enough with college & grad school & modern dance performances with nudity, I have to say I prefer Schneeman or the humor of E. Antin to a Fidlay, Sherman, or Sprinkle, and that nudity now doesn't carry the same message, ESPECIALLY given the ubiquity of style / lifestyle internet sites, the ability of many single women and couples to mke livings running such sites rather than working a life not about sex and style

[pause while giving SweetTarts to an assortment of "Gothic Divas" and "Graveyard Babes" who were of course 12-ish and wearing honest to god corsets, etc.]

my second or third thought (some other postings in the WOMPO discussion & backchannels, rtc.) include that were I not girlcotting the noulipo conference/writing with my limited time instead of seeing writers I've seen before / going to concerts with Ron / not going because they won't have me,

nudity is not the proper statement, IMO, constraint is, especially willing adoption of such -- I offer what I would have done as my performance proposal:

go to OSH and get nice spools of cotton rope in black, red, white, blue, and green, solicited and knotted up clothed! volunteers (male or female) as follows:

legs apart w/ spreader bar on floor, hands to feet, black rope -- "A"

arms together behind back, legs together, back, head and torso back, sort of a modified kneeling hogtie, white rope -- "E"

"I" is the easy one, though red rope butterfl-I would be really nice

"0" is mostly about positioning, I think maybe forward, head and shoulders following wrists bound to ankles, green rope!

"U" on back, arms and legs in the air, wrist near ankle, wrist near ankle, blue rope

obviously in order in the proper "order" to be read from the audience....


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