working on a comp. memory poem, a blue lion submission, and a panel for @now

The Ig Nobel for literature went to the Nigerians who introduced millions of e-mail users to a "cast of rich characters … each of whom requires just a small amount of expense money so as to obtain access to the great wealth to which they are entitled."

thinking about kitty, still; Anne Carson review (she is still mining the same topics she started with!)

haven't read the anthology URBAN NATURE POETRY

Nature per se comes into my poems juxtaposed against / accidentally surviving built environments ("the city"), as gardens / landscaping / farms, or as machines in a wild environment (this mostly in the desert). But where nature really comes into my poems is as the weather, which is such an easy trope for emotion!

I came across a few days ago an old interview with Aleida Rodriguez that never got done; my questions were about gardens.

I would most likely look to early Whalen and Welch for this sort of thing


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