a controversial question is is poetry disordered in some sense by its very nature (this could range from deviations -- interesting or not -- from meter to "mystery" in poetry to questions of interpretationa nd readability - Stephen I assume means the latter but it could mean the ol' "heightened language" thang)

the idea and memory that happenstances, common occasions could generate a pattern that c/should be resisted or at least studied -- generation of fractals, etc. etc. other figures of interest to engineers and why -- yes the appeal of a visual and practical pattern -- what is the importance of the natural shape until an intransigent poet seeks it? that there are shapes that when reduced are themselves? ramifications?

there was a time when I was frustrated, after college, when I thought that all grad school was going to be was phenomenology and politics of translation

in a way, this could be a way through -- a fake book -- for American poetry -- something different from criticism / theory and whatnots

this is part of the minimalist art raises essentialist questions idea set

I don't want to be lame, but can you mean game theory rather than chaos? pseudo knowledge on senses being strong in any case


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