Secret Kitty will be launched by Ahadada Press next week, and I'll read from it at the Ahadada reading Dec. 17 at Beyond Baroque (before the Cid Corman celebration, where everyone is invited to read).

Paper Craft has been accepted!!! for publication, and I have some work to do on formats; right now, trying to decide between square or ability for people overseas to order it. Square is better for the origami overtone it would lend.

Still working on To Instruct and Delite to send to Blue Lion.

Still reworking the center of OOD, so long as no ones agreed to publish it...

and the sprinkler system is galvanized, not PVC, so it needs replacing. I know, sprinkler system -- when we came to florida from illinois, we thought, wow, they're treating all these ordinary lawns like mansion lawns with these sprinklers -- nope, in the sun belt, in the south west, if you have a lawn at all (we are required not to completely xeriscape -- to keep some "lawn" eeauw -- by the hpoz), you need a sprinkler system. made of pvc. preferably pulling from a well (like my parents) even though that stains your house rust colored (from the galvanized from the well)

seems like doom for the big ficus...


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