This month's smell reading will feature Justin Veach, Michael Smoler, and
Harold Abramovitz, and will begin at approximately 6:30 on Sunday the 27th.

Justin Veach is a provocateur, poet, and Butoh dancer. He enjoys thinking
about and touching his own body. He is a member of the Corpus Delicti Butoh

Michael Smoler is a fearsome and ambiguous presence. He is the author of
chapbooks. He claims his belongings will soon be arriving from the "east

Harold Abramovitz enjoys literature, so much so that he creates his own. His
works are neither here nor there. A potential non-space obeys Harold's
whispered commands.

Come one, come all! smell the poetry!

Feel free to forward this message to other art-lovers and wonderful people.
The next reading will be on Sunday December 18, with Simon Pettet, Stan
Shirinyan and Ara Apps (reading collaborations), Matt Timmons, Jane Sprague,
Jen Hofer, Andrew Maxwell, Joseph Mosconi and many many more, probably.

The readings are also announced at
(where there are directions)


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