purchased at Bridge Street Books: hey my birthday's coming up;

Veronica Forrest-Thompson, Collected Poems and Translations; I'm only familiar with her from the JACKET article by Brian Kim Stephans

Second Law, Elizabeth willis -- this is her first chap? on avenue b, before she won the nps -- I like the early willis

HD - trilogy -- I keep forgetting to buy it and it was there

anne carson - plainwater -- to force myself to finish writing on the ode, except for all this death (count of dead grandmothers of family and friends w/in month = 4) has led me into a somewhat deepened consideration of the ode

tabula rosa, rachel blau du plessis, finally met at my Philadelphia reading with Toby Olson

tina darragh, I'm a fan, a(gain)2st the odds, dream rim instructions

maria damon & miekal and, Literature Nation

Lisa Robertson, Debbie an Epic

Stacy Doris, Paramour, like the only krupskaya book I don't have?

Birds and Bison, Claire Malroux trand. by Marilyn Hacker

miss America, Catherine wagner

Jocelyn Saidenberg, Mortal City

Career Moves, Libbie Rifkin; did relate my pagemothers anecdote; Levy promises to check its veracity -- she just had baby 2 and has no maternity leave, really

Nicole Brossard, Museum of Bone and Wtaer, trans Erin Moure and Robert Majzels -- interested in moure trans.

carol snow, the seventy prepositions, I liked her first two books a lot

Brenda Iijima, Around Sea, figured it was time to pop for some Iijima

Chris Tysh, cleavage; I think I have another of her books? have to check

Lew Welch, Ring of Bone, pretty much a must have

Ted Enslin, Nine -- am trying to get ranger, ordered on alibris before i left, nada, zilch, the listed ranger copies are fake? unavailable? who knows; i have his And NOW that's new to me too

Mei Mei Berssenbrugge THE HEAT BIRD, NEST I am a longtime fan ever since I think the Condrescu anthology UP LATE & didn't have these

Marginalien, Alan Halsey; wow

Heather Fuller, Startle Response

Iovis, waldmas; obviously, I have IOVIS II and respond to that a bit in DEA and OOD...

Hannah Weiner's tender buttons book -- some student kept her Sun & Moon book I had

kristin Prevallet, Scratch sides


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