got a book I'm giving to the library -- the LAPL is going to stop supporting used book sales / book donations, leaving the branches, who raise money for thinks like BOOK PURCHASES that way, looking for donations --

in any case, received a bizarre little anthology called PSYCHE: THE FEMININE POETIC CONSCIOUSNESS edited by Barbara Segnitz and Carol Rainey in 1973 by someone -- she helps put on the reading series at that outsider manuscript library in Santa Barbara -- there's a chain of them now -- in any case, she knew I would love this, and I do, but here it is: I'm jettisoning it, but not before I mention that alongside the "usual suspects" for this period in NA poetry (Rich, Sexton, Wakoski, Lifshin, Atwood, Swenson, Brooks, Plath, Giovanni, Kizer), there's Goedicke, which one no longer hears about, Rochelle Owens, which you do, but never paired with this group, and two unknown to me: Mari Evans and Besmir Brigham.

Wylie is here to follow the beginning at Dickinson.

Evans seems to have "lost out" to Lucille Clifton in writing a similar sort of poem

oh, bother, now it is clear I can't get rid of this book


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