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Ralph Horowitz sued to buy back a piece of land LA bought from him for an incinerator, then didn't build an incinerator on; the land is in or near Vernon, a separately-incorporated city (where I worked for a grim month) which was founded to get around LA toxic waste laws. It was quite the funky playground during Prohibition! In any case, even Vernon couldn't tolerate the type of incinerator the city was going to build; in the interim, the "blank" land became a community garden.

This was a post to POETICS from me in response to a my space / Green Party generated series of e-mails.

I am in LA, and indeed in South Central.

Perhaps you are unaware that it is legal to keep farm animals (goats, sheep, chickens, ducks, and whatnot) on any property within the city. Frankly, South Central IS a farm, and those chickens are noisy and have mites.

Perhaps you are also unaware that due to the proximity to the Imperial valley and its migrant worker slavery that it makes no freaking sense to, say, pay to water WITH WATER STOLEN FROM THE AQUIFER AND THE COLORADO RIVER and to fertilize a truck garden IN THIS DESERT, since you can go to Grand Central Market downtown and get 10 lbs. of them [I meant vegetables] for A BUCK when they are in season.

What we desperately need, since the riots and before that, is a TAX BASE, because California has NO PROPERTY TAX INCOME due to RONALD REAGAN'S PROP 13. We are lobbying to get big box stores and their taxes and jobs, which bring coffee shops, small scale retail, restaurants, and legal street life into our area, hopefully chasing away the rampant drug dealing and prostitution; LAUSD is threatening to turn one development across the street from our house (it will include a Home Depot and we hope a Target) into yet another school! that will not only riot constantly as all of the middle schools and high schools in this area do but also not improve the "ET Don ts" shop on the corner, the vermin-infested Chinese take out place, the grocery store that only stocks root vegetables and cheap cuts of meat near their expiration dates, and the multitudinous emporia vending human hair, fish frying, etc. etc.

Perhaps you are also unaware that because there are, say, farms in central LA rather than denser housing, public transportation subsidized by property tax, etc., that it is impossible for those living in South Central to get to good jobs "in the city."

Once they've seen the lights of Hollywood, hard to keep 'em on the farm


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