In Praise of the Griot
On Friday night the 21st at the Golden Bridge
A Spiritual Village
6322 De Longpre Ave, LA 90028

Kurtis Lamkin will perform his poetry with the Kora.
African Dancers in a special live performance
Come! We are going to jam.
It’s $18 at the door.

Kurtis Lamkin is a poet who plays the Kora, a beautiful 21-string West
African instrument. He has performed his work internationally at festivals,
concerts halls and universities. Mr. Lamkin has performed on many radio and
television shows including National Public Radio, Bill Moyers. He has also
done several recordings, the latest of which is a CD entitled "Queen of Carolina."

Cosponsored by Poets & Writers, Yogi Times and IZZI

Also, on Saturday April 22 at 1:30 pm Kurt is leading a workshop for $20.

"Djelia: Composition, Performance and Improvisation in the Oral Tradition."
The goal of the workshop is to explore poetry through a series of exercise and
games the stimulate listening, focus, memory and creativity. There will also be
a short experiment with the kora, a twenty-one string West African instrument
and a discussion of the lyric. One of the things he stresses through the workshop
is the willingness to make a mess, that is, to try new different approaches
to poetry and embrace the surprises that may occur.

Check it out and sign up here:


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