The long awaited full-length eBook, SECRET KITTY, by Catherine Daly, is now
> online and downloadable in .pdf format at Ahadada Books. Read along the
> eastern seaboard in January, in the Midwest in April, the book is a flarfy
> critique of flarf, a translation of flarf, and a whole new kind of fluff.
> This week, it will be downloadable from the Ahadada Home Page:
> by clicking on the "here" in the phrase "click here" at the bottom of the
> page, then clicking "Yes" to download.
> There's more about Secret Kitty at
> some preliminary / contextual information at
> and forthcoming at 5_Trope.
> To receive the .pdf directly, e-mail me at
> cadaly at comcast dot net
> Bio:
> The Dalys, a family founded in 1963, designed Catherine Daly in 1966. She
> was introduced on January 28, 1967 (thus she is an Aquarius), though her
> name and biography are continually expanded. She is a fifteen year post-grad
> living in the center of Los Angeles, CA, USA, with her family surnames Daly
> and Burch. Catherine Daly currently uses Olson twins hair glaze purchased at
> the 99 cents only store, while her sister, Elizabeth Daly, exercises more
> discretion. While they started out wearing nothing, in the past 25 years,
> Catherine wears vintage or used couture, while Elizabeth wears modish new
> clothes. They live a mile from each other, but 2,000 miles from their
> parents, Dad Tom Daly and Mom Joyce Daly. Their Uncle and Aunt are nearby in
> Pasadena, and their great-aunt is near the Daly parents. ("Kasia" is a
> nickname, and the source of the appellation is a maternal Polish relative,
> not a paternal Irish one.) Kasia is about 20 apples high and weighs about
> the same as 50 apples, and she has type A+ blood. She is a cookie baker,
> although her great aunt is a renowned pie expert and Kasia's favorite snack
> is dark chocolate. Like her mother, she sort of plays the piano. Her
> favorite color is red; her favorite school subjects are english, math, and
> music. Kasia has a lot of acquaintances.
> With Elizabeth and childhood friend Therese Heimbold, Kasia became
> acquainted with small items such as coin purses with Kitty on them around
> the bicentennial, in central Illinois.
> "Why doesn't Hello Kitty have a mouth?"
> "Hello Kitty speaks from her heart. She is Sanrio's ambassador to the world
> who isn't bound to one certain language."
> Why does Catherine write? She published DaDaDa with Salt Publishing in 2003;
> that trilogy has now become the first portion of a long project entitled
> CONFITEOR. Tupelo Press published Locket in 2005.


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