The Orange County Poetry Festival Sponsored by The Association of Orange County Poetry Hosts together with the OC Arts Imagination Celebration

Location: Golden West College Quad Huntington Beach

Time: 2-5:30

Date: Saturday, May 20, 2006

Festival Organizers: Lee Mallory, Mifanwy Kaiser, Mike Sprake, John Gardner, Aaron Roberts, Shoja Adel, Nanette Heiser, Jaimes Palacio, Joan E. Bauer

Enjoy poetry in the Sun. Bring sun hats, sun glasses, a blanket, and a picnic lunch if desired

Alternate accomodations at Golden West College have been made in the event of rain



Participating Venues and Readers

Tebot Bach

Mifanwy Kaiser, G. Murray Thomas

Winners of the Orange County Poetry Contest Grades 6-12 sponsored by The Association of Orange County Poetry Hosts, Tebot Bach, The Orange County Department of Education, and OC Arts Imagination Celebration:

Taryn Carter, Rachael Stein, Taylor Strickland, Cindy Madera, Lucila Solis, Devin Asaro, Kendra Mayer, Cody Emrick, Briana Sahagian, Frankie Bastone

Alta Coffee, Newport Beach

Lee Mallory

Leigh White

Rickie Mandeville

Heather Maidat

Gypsy Den, Artists Village Santa Ana

Lee Mallory

Jaimes Palacio

Daniel McGinn

Chris Tannahill

New Voices

Chelsea Kurnick

Dmitry Berenson

Kate Buckley

May De Rozier

Barnes and Noble Aliso Viejo

Nanette Heiser

Daniel Anvari

Jan Heath

Rudy Paolino

Phoenix Alexander

Sydney Presley

Dominic Prieto

Adam DeMarco

Marcia Cohee

Laguna Poets

Joan E. Bauer

Kate Buckley

Todd Johnson

Joseph Karasek

Lucinda Jane Wong

The Neighborhood Cup

Leslie Maryann Neal

Iranian Poets of Southern California

Shoja Adel

Leila Farjami

Mandana Zandian

The Ugly Mug

Aaron Roberts

Musical Interludes

Michael Ubaldini

Bruce and Son


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