some info re: one of two reviews of my books at galatea resurrects and discussion

also, as for chocolate, as readers here may know, I am allergic to food additives and etc. and probably cholate *intolerant*, so the great animal fat free decaf sugar free mocha (recipe posted here earlier) has been supplanted with:

a small fistful of callabaut 100% cocoa chunks (special order through chocosphere)
(100% ghiradelli or 1005 sharfen burger in a pinch)
(this is 100% dark chocolate, nothing else, no soy or corn lechithin, no milk, no sugar, no vanilla or vanillin)

to cover, torani sugar free syrup (note: I have just sent for pharmaceutical grade sucralose which is unadulterated; I am allergic to maltodextrin (corn), caramel coloring (corn), and natural flavors (corn and soy), so coconut sugar free torani syrup seems the way to go for now)

1 minute in microwave; stir to temper chocolate; may require an additional 30 seconds (DO NOT microwave for 1:30!)

fill mug with water, stir, microwave another minute

pure natural caffeine, antioxidants, and chocolate well being!!!


If you happen to mosey back to this space ... I don't know any other way to reach you ... and taking the cue from Eileen's post of 19 May quoting Michael Farrell, suggesting a space for dialogue ... first, did you see the recent Pettibon show that opened a month or so ago just off Melrose? We got there the 2nd day and thought hmmmmm ... everything, I believe, or virtually everything, was already sold ... Second, you mention Mike Watt as "blogger extraordinaire", which shows how sometimes worlds don't collide, 'cause I only know of Watt from the Minutemen ... third, and most importantly, what did you think as you read what I wrote? How far out to lunch was/am I? However you answer that last, thanks for writing these poems. Cheers, John

At 10:15 AM, Catherine said...
it has been my impression that Pettibon mostly does his pieces to order, in a sort of post-a.e. sort of conversational way, so that they would be sold before they went on display doesn't surprise; he drew a fun little cartoon for me in my copy of Mike Watt's book, which has a lot of Watt's Minutemen lyrics in it

Watt takes journal keeping seriously, went to Bloomsday don't you know, and reads and re-reads the Commedia -- anyway, he's got his own creole language, and he's a writer aside from being a bassist

to respond to Michael and Eileen -- I'm a little out of that loop, but my thoughts are

1) in MFA programs you're taught not to respond to crit

2) most beginning poets I know are afraid of responding to criticism of their work because they don't know what it means, and are afriad to display their ignorance -- hah but I've been writing 22 years

3) everybody is familiar with the cranky New York Review of Books author correspondences, which hardly ever displays an author in a good light, which Michael alludes to

I have tried to post a lot about my books on my blog, but I get bogged down in other stuff -- don't have much time right now -- but it has been frustrating that I've gotten so many excellent reviews of Da3 and even excellent pre-reviews of Secret Kitty, and so many mixed reviews of LOCKET

since it has been taken as being unreadably experimental by some (LOCKET), and this has been a learning experience for me, since these are light and fun love poems in my view -- I should elucidate what this learning was here, I believe -- maybe later today

Da3 is part of a longer project, but that longer project isn't going to continue to come out any time soon I don't think; the reason my bio is the way it is on it is to show, aside from the reader / writer / author stuff in the book, that I am behind its content, autobiographically

oh, and I have no religious belief, spiritual what-have-you, practice or process, or anything, nothing whatsoever, never have, though I felt a great deal of pressure or assumed a sort of responsibility to fake it and try to go through some sort of religious journey (I was a religion major in college, lived in a buddhist monestery in India for a while, my parents were charismatics) -- although I have been a professional astrologer! and try to do a little feng shui -- which I don't believe either


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