to write in 1337

reminds me of the typing class, where we could choose pica or elite with out selectrics (the ones with the floating balls replacing the grasshopper-leg-like strikes for letters)


re-post moot, thinking about how my old "modes" of writing have been replaced first they were replaced by the "turn it off, turn it on again" (which the modes also were) or series poems AND projects, and the idea that the methods, procedures, etc. in these projects / poems "progress" (which I always found problematic)

my first response to Tom Orange asking about reading each others' poems was -- nah, everyone does that now, what if I do a secret kitty procedure on one of each... -- while secret kitty isn't finished, because I now have more source, I'm proofing to delite and instruct, which IS finished (though there is certainly more source), and that is because I tried, for worse more than better perhaps (I'm unhappy with the programmatic quality of much of the writing -- is it too "literal" -- it is non-figurative language, language deliberately NOT used figuratively, but referentially, but aren't people looking for metaphors when they read -- and here the metaphor is overarching, minimalist perhaps, or included in the procedure,

to make each of the sources a poem -- the result is of course much different than you or anyone else would end up with from the same --


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