I am happy to announce the publication of my third *printed* book, TO DELITE AND INSTRUCT, by Jukka-Pekka Kervinen and Peter Ganick's blue lion books.

It is a long project which investigates the idea of teaching and learning "creative writing," among many other things. It contains games! and a word hoard.

It is available through cafe press for a *mere* 15.95, making it both the longest (276 pages) and the least expensive! of my books:

It has been reviewed at Intercapillary Space -- check it out! --

I will be reading in Tucson Tuesday, October 10, at 8 pm with Barbara Cully and Maryrose Larkin
at Cushing St. Bar and Grill.

I just found a review of my work!

on a blog, of Locket


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