of course, what does sell but an apogee book first? I like it on the out in an envelope reading, but not enough to keep -- I feel that while getting rid of this book of easy to read prose poems may have been a mistake, it will free me to get rid of a lot of other books

the GOGOL BORDELLO show was -- mostly missed -- the palladium didn't have metal detectors so they patted down everyone entering -- we stood in line 45 minutes while gogol bordello played to a mini crowd -- we only heard the last three songs (PURPLE OF COURSE); THEN primus had heard about the problems entering and waiting A FULL HOUR for everyone to get into the building -- so we left halfway through that (I'm not good at standing more than two and a half hours)

Why is Primus like King Crimson (with better base and lyrics, IMO, but inferior instrumentation -- all the songs sound alike) for -- not really metalheads -- crowd was a cross between male metal heads, transplanted southerners, and underemployed guys (you know they had to be underemployed because the only guys I see with tattooed heads and necks and odd facial hair are underemployed; Ron, wearing Ron wear, looked like an executive by comparison), some of the ugliest women I have ever seen at a concert, you know, like PROG (as Ron said about five times) for the metallica crowd? In a way, Primus for me is like a southern rock cross between Zappa and Funkadelic; a bass-wild Vanilla Fudge. Where were the *other* Primus fans? Maybe they knew that we were all going to wait outside for 45 minutes to get frisked and miss the opening band, all for standing room with a bunch of dancing, yes dancing! guys.

In any case, the lead guy wrote a novel, we just learned.


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