beginning some reviews

I will be bringing some books with me to JURY DUTY

among these, Sunday Houses the Sunday House, the first poem of which I first read as follows:

south -- what is this poem about? is quote from bishops north & south?
summer after summer (is this about unchanging weather or duration?), afternoon came UP on the window (as opp. to sun coming...), someone had forgotten to CLOSE. It -- afternoon? - was a cab, streets were like corners (of streets?), corners were like a variety of light. On the other side of 30 minutes (since seven o clock -- am? pm? well outside afternoon -- is also mentioned -- lots of time, little direction in this poem), he (cab driver?) remembered luggage. sentence fragment. country glisding (like afternoon) through houses. Night FALL. tablecloth lit (sun? lamp?) as though south (sun?) decided to pick UP (lift -- also to give a lift, as a cab?) the sky

a prose poetry of limited domestic affect, blurbed by the tate - weir zoo mass mfa teachers


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