this easy / difficult poetry seems to relate to the problem of reading the bible

after all, while protestantism communicates itself as the ability for people to read the bible for themselves, without the doctrine, canon law, etc. of the roman catholic church, and while the roman catholic church (like those who read the lotus sutra as a religious text) believe in the inspiration of the author through the translation of oral histories -- biographical info transmitted orally for a few generations before written down -- and the pentacostals of all faiths in direct some say personal revelation,

what then bible study? particularly when bible study is generally -- even in fundamentalist protestantisms -- lessons in how to read now-nonsensical passages symbolically, allegoriclly, etc. (rather than literally)? lessons -- from a preacher -- who purports to be more professional or educated (whether formally or informally) -- not personal interpretation or reading?

what too about the king james, which is "difficult poetry"? poetry that requires interpretation and translation merely to understand, and is itself translated (unreliably but poetically) -- and was translated into vernacular so that people at the time who could read could read it --


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