I have a 20 lb bag (abt 5 lbs gone) of beautiful chocolate sanded grout avail. FREE wd be perfect for the fp. of course only cost abt $20.

I want to add that the significant value in the units in the mbr and dresser, etc. in eliz old rm is recognition and method -- it is not as though that's diminished by the fact that you've used them -- I am coming to think of success in thrifting / items / small changes making big differences in day2day life as "don't give a fish, teach how to catch fish" -- dad proved his prowess in refinishing with those dressers; you both proved that done / chosen properly, wall units can be successfully recycled -- and what testimony do you need other than Roble Way???

I expect you've tried true treasures already -- don't forget craig's list or freecycle

and hey -- those gerace original touches (down cab)

here, there a whole market who would love that you guys are 2nd owners and tht not only is hardware (hinges, doors) original, but also -- you know, the sun room cabinet, some of the plants, the up study built ins --

and there's a whole marketing strategy -- a little scrapbook, of -- he was a bandleader, she was a WAVE or whatever, here are pics, we used to even have some v mail -- and they moved here and built this house -- and we bought it from them and fixed all the leaks and upgraded the electrical, gas, fp, added a/c...

although you are selling, don't discount the -- hey -- this thing has been here for 65 years, and ... well, many of the older houses and larger houses in this fab area we really enjoyed... have not


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