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Joanne Kyger mentions Bobbie Louise Hawkins
Frenchy and Cuban Pete, & OTHER STORIES (TOMBOUCTOU), and Back To Texas (BEAR HUG)
I love internet archive recorded classes

and coach house
Coach House/Longriver Press, $7

Bobbie Louise Hawkins' Almost Everything is just that. It leaves out her scattered poems and any direct reference to her two unhappy marriages and the children they produced. What remains, two collections of short prose pieces and nine new stories, run a mere 172 pages -- the condensed version of a life punctuated, as Tillie Olsen might put it, by "silences." So when Hawkins speaks, it's that much more pungent.

teaching at naropa

Rebecca Wright
re her salon by peter schjeldahl
a great disappointment of mine that he read at the hammer before anything was set up and any poets in town knew he was around (well, maybe some of the otis crowd knew?)

Edna Kramer what a great "witch of agnesi" article googling that name brought up!

Lynne Dreyer recommends Natalie Sarraute

Julia Vose, Bolinas / nyc strikes again

Carol Clee
Lee Lally (Michael Lally's then wife)
Elana Nachman [dykewomon]
Chris Raridan

Beth Joselow, fairly well known dc poet. book on chax, etc.


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