What is Accommodation?
By accommodation is understood the adaptation of words or sentences from Scripture to signify ideas different from those expressed by the author.

It is generally held by Catholic authors that certain passages from the Old Testament have been used over again in the New Testament with a change of meaning.

The use of accommodation in the Liturgy and by the Fathers of the Church is sufficient to show that it is legitimate.

Many of the sermons of St. Bernard are mosaics of Scripture phrases and owe much of their peculiar unction to his happy use of the sacred words.

Latin writers and preachers have not been so reverent and careful in their accommodation, and this was one of the abuses condemned by the Council of Trent when it forbade the wresting of Scripture to profane uses.

Accommodated texts should never be used as arguments drawn from revelation; for the words are not employed in the sense, either literal or typical, intended by the Holy Ghost. Violations of this rule are not rare, either in sermons or in pious literature. [as in st catherine]

Accommodation should not be farfetched. Allusive accommodations in many cases are mere distortions of the text.

Words should be employed for purposes of edification not to cloak errors.


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