really wonderful poem from Marjorie Rommel received today, by way of reminderthat fun as slapping together something is, actually giving and receiving a fabulous poem created and made/sent to a very high standard is really what is required

having spent the majority of the day word processing, only to receive at the end of it a new book about women and the new york school -- while I think that the idea that women in general don't pursue their pursuits in ways that lend themselves to grouping into schools is useful, and looking at the absent or abstracted female in the work of homosexual male artists around the time of stonewall is certainly good, I met this book with a feeling of despair -- it is failure that makes grass seem greener

here is answer (of course to next person, not Marjorie)

for you -- you can't see
the other side of this show
and comment on it at once

trees withdraw, nature retreats
from nature; seeds, words
lay dormant,

spring the next lie


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