Available now, and in a couple of cases (*) before the end of the month, are the following titles:

Fernando Pessoa: The Collected Poems of Alberto Caeiro
translated by Chris Daniels.

The first complete edition of one of Pessoa's heteronyms in English.


Fernando Pessoa: Message
translated by Jonathan Griffin.

Second edition of the mid-90s Menard publication. Bilingual, and the only complete edition of Message available in English.


Fernando Pessoa: Selected English Poems
edited by Tony Frazer

Pessoa wrote a large number of poems in English, some of them in the guise of early heteronyms (such as Alexander Search and C R Anon) which prove to be fascinating precursors of the later, modernist work in Portuguese. While not the equal of the masterly Caeiro, Campos, Reis or Pessoa-himself, these poems deserve to be better known and at least available in the English-speaking world.


Toby Olson: Darklight

Author of nine novels (among others The Life of Jesus, Seaview and Utah) and over 20 collections of poetry (including We Are the Fire — Selected Poems, and Human Nature, both from New Directions), Toby Olson demonstrates in this new collection that the passage of time has only sharpened his narrative voice.


Colin Simms: Gyrfalcon Poems (*)

A collection that gathers most of Simms' poems about these falcons, and his third such gathering for Shearsman. Part of a long project to bring most of his work into print.


Rosalía de Castro: Selected Poems
translated by Michael Smith

The largest selection available in English of Rosalía's poetry, this bilingual (or trilingual, as Galician poems are also featured) is essential anyone interested in Spanish poetry.


Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer: Collected Poems – Rimas
translated by Michael Smith; edited by Luis Ingelmo & Michael Smith.

The only complete edition of Bécquer in English, and as thorough as any Spanish edition. Bécquer was a revolutionary figure in Spanish poetry, as the godfather of romanticism in Spanish.


There are another 10 or so books before the end of the year, just in case there's not enough to read here....


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