Just a reminder that the next Smell Reading is this Sunday, September 30th.

Readers will be:

Diane Ward

Joseph Thomas

Allison Carter

As always, the doors open at 6:30, with the reading starting a bit afterward.

The Smell is located at

247 South Main Street,

Between 2nd and 3rd streets, Downtown Los Angeles, Entrance is through the alley.

Diane Ward was born in 1956 in Washington, DC and currently lives in Santa Monica, California. She has published ten books of poetry including, most recently, Flim-Yoked Scrim (Factory School, 2006); When You Awake (New York: Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs); Portrait As If Through My Own Voice (Los Angeles: Margin to Margin, 2001); and with Michael C. McMillen Portraits and Maps (Italy: ML & NLF Editions, 2000). She has been included in numerous anthologies, among them: MOVING BORDERS: Three Decades of Innovative Writing by Women, edited by Mary Margaret Sloan (New Jersey: Talisman House, Publishers, 1998) and OUT OF EVERYWHERE: linguistically innovative poetry by women in North America & the UK, edited by Maggie O'Sullivan (London: Reality Street Editions, 1996). Her work has appeared in dozens of small press publications, including: The New Review, Tripwire, Crayon, Conjunctions, How(ever) Reality Studios, The Paris Review, Sulfur, The World, and Raddle Moon, among others. She is currently working on a text for avant-garde sound performer and musician, Emily Hay.

A recent Los Angeles emigre, Joseph Thomas is now a professor of English at San Diego State University, where he teaches children's literature, contemporary poetry, & poetry writing. Reared on comic books, dirty playground rhymes, & stolen smut, Joseph is a fan of all things queer & carnivalesque. Having written the first book-length study on U.S. children's poetry, Poetry's Playground: The Culture of Contemporary American Children's Poetry (Wayne State UP, 2007), Joseph is now preparing a book concerning Shel Silverstein's life and work, tentatively titled, “The Devil's Favorite Pet”: Shel Silverstein, an American Iconoclast. He will be reading from his book of Oulipo-inspired poetry, Strong Measures, recently published by Make Now Press (2007). Ian Barnard and Katie E. Strode will be assisting him in his reading.

Allison Carter lives in LA where she writes, designs websites, and teaches a workshop in hybrid forms and gender studies at the California Institute of the Arts. She is also editor for the Particle Series, a forthcoming series of tiny books. Her work has appeared in or is forthcoming in Fence, 5_Trope, P-Queue, and others.


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