Dear Catherine:

I'm writing to inform you that _Valparaiso Poetry Review_ will be featuring your poem, "Buttercup" from the Spring/Summer 2002 issue, as the "Poem of the Week" at "One Poet's Notes," the VPR editor's blog, beginning this Tuesday (3/4).

If you visit the blog, you will see that an outstanding poem is chosen from the archives of VPR to highlight each week by linking to it and giving it a renewed audience. A new poem is selected each Tuesday. I invite you to check out the blog and pass along word about the featuring of your work to as many others as you can -- individuals, bloggers, writers' lists, etc.

The editor's blog currently receives more than 4,000 visits each month and was initiated to complement the semiannual publication of VPR. It contains ongoing personal commentary about poetry and reviews of notable recent books of poetry. Since VPR receives many more review copies of new books than can possibly be examined within the journal, the complementary blog is intended to allow for ongoing further discussion of poetry and promotion of recommended books.


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