a reportedly enabling correspondance -- by men for men or more universal?



I don’t see that you should let rejection... dissuade you from writing a way you actively feel your own. ... [W]here you are to locate company?


"Others will have endless opinions – some useful, some not – but that really can’t be the decisive reason why you write or not.'


"What I can do in reading is to make clear what sense or impression I have -- and, very occasionally, suggest that x might work more effectively than y. But you are far too particular a writer to be served by finagling, even well intentioned"


I read your poems as often a ‘double,’ part the ironic and usually witty take on habits of speech, ways people think of themselves, one’s endlessly various place with said one and all -- and then the equally often presence of what would be your feelings, the so-called ‘you’ who is writing. ... Anyhow I am sure the fellow in Iowa is serious but if he thinks what you are doing is gibberish, then one knows he’s not getting it -- and that’s that. If you want particularly to write ‘for him,’ then you will have to alter present structure and tone – but otherwise I’d see no reason.


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