I feel this one is cheating; I really wrote it last night

the elegy here (this is a continuation of yesterday mornings) is for Tom Floyd

Ron found he is still standing on his front porch at Google maps street view!

Desert Geometries -- basically, I have a group of books here in Florida which got food spilled on them, meaning, in Florida, that they are beginning to mold now and will need to be thrown away -- stopped being a useful text where this ends. I started rereading the maximus (another damaged book), and was blown away by the birds and saints there --

not in this piece yet

Birds of prey
do what they do. Describing,
no, we are not safeguarded,
are no less victims.

Falcons, hawks,
or carrion creatures
reassemble nothing.
Killing cruelty circle, tighter, down, strike
after watch, watch, watch.
The shrieking is not about that.

Was stark fear and relief
"whitens a vine at the edge/... unsaid"
subsumed in grief formerly?

where is
the dark

what is

where is

loose dtrife
"loosestrife / purpling the hill"

lets loose
(all this striving)


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