Abigail Daly Montgomery!


Black Goat is committed to publishing well-crafted poetry, and will also focus on experimental or thematically challenging work. The series aims to create a proportional representation of female, African, and other non-American poets.


the partial versions of decomposing monzogranite from Friday night

DC MP song zen zugguraut (sp?) plot not counter sons
mind grant cod my bold rob GRAACK! POW! RIPP!
melt name no realism this tanager needs
gnu suss food zoomin' signs skin BC PM
men loath come GQ Ritz 'n sole lib rigor dog topic rag
cloy buck depot that epitaph letter rick xor ick
plot pig mutt and site magnum dick pirate flo
eco= necro- tan root loose ill sol cask ill gild plug close
pits some folds pry nucleus nose

[written using a different reading strategy]

amen gee tea ency enter SM
arty be our downer beep e.g., sleepy double, you and be


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