I've read them all, any articles, sites,

also I go on bio jags


I do a sort of quasi-historical research -- so, ex. I do, on and off,
a full on, grant proposal-like research study of ED's gardens & herbal
(get the repro herbal from the university library -- knowing that all
girls did them, and also that all students STILL do them, I don't have
mine, it rotted) -- I still have only seen a couple scanned pages --
and for me, to think Shakespeare Garden -- no -- Emily Herb garden!
Emily flowerbeds! -- anything other than a central Mass climate
doesn't apply tho -- knowing she had laborers to "wear her boots" /
dig her holes (this sort of materials familiarization is a very
personal back and forth reading experience for me), but she was more
[supply adjectives] than [others? myself], and to re read the poems
alongside the info, the architecture of the house (she had a forcing
room / little conservatory porch) -- a sort of real records and where
they lead me, a sort of enriched research for a biography alongside
re-reading that never produces (biographical) results?

hope this helps -- there are LOADS of actual archival materials
online, and in bios, and, I dunno, the narrative in my head is always
more interesting to my narcissistic self than that of anyone else,
especially anyone else who isn't as fascinated with 1) poetry, 2) what
ever peculiar aspect of a subject under study is jibing with my magpie
/ packrat nature


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