stephen vincent just posted this thing about lyric poetry to the POETICS list, and at first I thought it was going to be an interesting thing about perhaps lyric poetry becoming more ephemeral as a lot of lyrics poetry fulfills the demands of sound effects or trills and whatevers of sounds without a freight of "necessity" needing to take place; some of it's devoted to subtle states of mind, tones, moods which emerge when reading juxtaposed sense clues, images, bits of language; some of it is esoteric (just looked up -- from within, I gather sort of like "inner circle" while I have long thought of it as meaning "removed" -- separate from the mucky concerns of the everyday -- incorrectly, thus I learn) in its approach, and some of it that other thing I meant when I TYPED "esoteric" -- the opposite of gnomic, a sort of lyric trick where you're reading along, having a good time, and then the true poem emerges gradually, upon subsequent readings, ut always the poem is slightly eluding one's grasp


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